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Message parts for Workplace bots
Message parts for Workplace bots

Understanding how message parts work

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Basic message parts

Your bot consists of a series of ‘Messages’. Messages can be made up of text, media and buttons that create the conversation of your bot.

Each message has a response or reply that links and connects to the next message that allows the conversation to flow. The user is invited to choose the conversation they wish to have and the information they wish to view. The length of any conversation in the bot is up to you, the user should be directed back to the main menu at all times – no dead ends.

Here are a list of message parts you can use within your bot:

Other message parts
When you're ready to make your bot more complex, you can start adding these message parts:

Reordering your message parts

You can change the order of your message parts by hovering your cursor to the left hand side of the each part. You will see a set of arrows show up, corresponding to each box . You can move the message part up by clicking the up arrow or vice versa.

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