A carousel message part is made up of between 1 and up to 10 cards.

A carousel is often used to contain the main topics and top strands of your conversation and is referred to as the Main Menu. A carousel can have a maximum of 10 cards. The conversation will continue down the strand that the user chooses but should always be invited back to the Main Menu.

Each card has to have an image and a title. We also suggest that it has a subtitle and a button.
The title and the subtitle can have a maximum of 80 characters each.
Each card can have a maximum of 3 buttons.

A carousel image can be landscape or square. For landscape images use the following dimensions: 1200px x 630px or an aspect ratio of 1.91:1 for square a ratio of 1:1 is used.

You can change a carousel from landscape images to square images by adding a carousel part and then hovering to the left of the card in the message builder. You will see an icon appear where you can toggle between the two types of image:

You can also set a default option for your carousel images under 'Default image' on the side navigation menu.

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