What are quick replies?

Introducing quick replies

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Quick Replies allow you to present options in a message to a bot user. They differ from other buttons because they appear prominently above the users keyboard.

When they appear, the keyboard is made less prominent which encourages users to press a button rather than type a response. After the user taps a quick reply they disappear, which prevents users tapping old ones. Due to these features quick replies provide the optimum way to control the users journey through a bot.

You can add up to 13 quick replies to a text part in a message.

How to set up a quick reply

1 – Add a Quick Reply message part

A list of available message parts are found to the right of the message builder. Choose the Quick Reply option.

3 – Give your Quick Reply some settings

Once you add a quick reply give it a label name. This is what your bot users will see. Add emoji by selecting the smiley face.

3 – Set up how you’d like your Quick Reply to work

Select the cog which will display a settings screen.

Choose what you would like to happen when the button is selected by a bot user. The options are:

Send message:

Select the message you’d like to send when the button is selected. You can create a new message by typing a title and selecting ‘create new’.


This allows you to give the user the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving broadcast messages. A great tool to build your subscriber list.

Save this information with a user attribute:

This let’s you save the option a bot user has selected for later. You can reuse the information gathered in the bot or download it in a csv. More about this feature.

Increment score and send a message:

This feature is used primarily when creating a quiz. You can use this to increase the users score and send another message.

Reset score and send a message:

This feature is also used primarily at the end of a quiz. Reset the users score so when they take the quiz again, their score is back at zero.

Custom postback:

Developer feature: If you have a custom integration, this is a nice way to know when someone has pressed a specific button. For more info please get in touch.

4 – Save or remove

The option to save the settings will appear when you’ve completed the required information.

You can remove the button and its settings at anytime by selecting ‘remove’.

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