Q&As can be used for surveys or quizzes and allows a user to use free text rather than multiple choice – useful for gathering an address or specific feedback. It then saves the response in the bot database.

How to set up a Q&A

1 – Add a Q&A message part

When you’re creating a message you’ll find a list of message parts to the right of the message builder. Choose the Q&A option.

2 – Add your question

Type the question you’d like to ask in the Q&A message part.

3 – Add your settings

Select the cog to open up the settings screen. You’ll see a place to select or type a new user attribute. User attributes allow you to save the bot users response as an attribute that you specify. For example, the question might be “What’s your postcode?” and the attribute might be ‘postcode’. You can reuse the bot users attributes in another message or download all the responses.

4 – Choose a reply message

After the bot user has answered your question they will receive another message of your choosing. This could be the next message in your quiz. Select this message from the dropdown or create a new message by typing the title and pressing ‘Create New’

5 – Save or remove

The option to save the settings will appear when you’ve completed the required information.

You can remove the button and its settings at anytime by selecting ‘remove’.

Accessing user responses

User responses/attributes are saved in the bot database.

Read the steps involved now you can watch how it is done in the video below

And see how it will look for you user

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