WARNING: If your group doesn't appear, make sure you have the correct permissions on your integration. You need to have "Read group membership" and "Manage group content" ticked. Also, make sure you have pressed "Refresh groups" on the platform.

The group post message part allows you to trigger a message to be posted from a bot to a Workplace group.

For example, if you collect employee questionnaire via a bot, you may want to post their responses into a workplace group made specifically for HR.

How to set up a group post

Ensure you have these permissions for your integration, for this, you need "manage group content".

1 – Add a group post message part

When editing a message, choose ‘group post’ from the message parts.

2 – Type your message

Type the message you’d like to be sent to a Workplace group. In the example below we have added attributes e.g. {{first_name}}. This means when the message is posted to the Workplace group it will include the bot user's first name. Learn more about attributes here.

3 – Choose the Workplace group

Next choose the Workplace group you would like the message to be sent to. Select ‘choose workplace group’ to show the settings screen.

Select the group from the dropdown and select save.

4 – Save your message

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