Using The Bot Platform and a middleware tool, you can essentially hook your bot up to any software platform with an API. Two of our favourite middleware providers, offer a no code way of integrating with over 3,500 different software products making it even easier to build out complex processes that can all be handled from within your bot. 

This is a great middleware tool, that offers over 3500 pre-built integrations meaning you can get your integrated bots up and running really fast.  The only downside of Zapier is that it only allows one way communication, this means you are currently unable to send messages or data back into your bot. 

This is our middleware of choice.  It offers less pre-built integrations, but does allow you to send information back into your bot, making it much more useful. 

How do Integrations Work?
The platform makes use of webhooks to pass information out of your bot and into the middleware.  The middleware can then pass that information on, or carry out other functions on the data, before passing the data or messages back to the bot using a webhook response.
It is really easy to use a webhook in the platform using the webhook message field. 

Use Cases

We have set up hundreds of different integrations for our clients using just webhooks and Integromat.  Here are some of the most recent use cases, along with links to our blog posts, allowing you to replicate them in your own organisation.

Building a Voting Bot
In this tutorial, we build a bot that collects people’s votes and updates a Google Spreadsheet to reflect their vote. There are many use cases for this bot including; a staff recognition award bot, training feedback bot, customer service rating bot, staff satisfaction survey bot.

A Weather Forecasting Bot
If you are running an outdoors event, you can offer up a bot that provides visitors with the weather forecast for the event.  This encourages interaction with your brand through Facebook.

Create A Sharepoint List From Data Within Your Bot
More and more organisations are using Sharepoint to create and organise their company information.  In this tutorial, we show you how to collate user information from a bot and turn this into a Sharepoint list.  This bot could be used to create a team to-do list, a project plan, collate user feedback, collate team ideas and much more. 

A Phone Directory Bot
This one is not live on the blog but you can learn more about it here
In this example, we create a bot that allows you to search for a user and look up their phone number.  This bot has many different uses and could be adapted to look up addresses, seating plans, job titles and other staff information.  

A Restaurant Review Bot
This one is not live on the blog but you can learn more about it here
This bot takes a user’s restaurant review and an associated image and uploads the review to a spreadsheet, along with a link to the photo from that particular review. This has many uses including a photo competition tool, customer feedback bot, a work review bot for contractors, error reporting bot, support ticket bot and much more. 

For more information on integrations, you can view our recent webinar 1500 ways to enhance your bot here. 

If you need more help with webhooks and APIs, then please head over to our developer hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with The Bot Platform webhooks and API as quickly as possible.

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