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Send a message to another Workplace user

How to trigger a message to a user's manager or Workplace user once a task has been completed

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Sometimes you want to be alerted to the fact that a person using your bot has reached a particular point or completed a survey. For example, a new employee completing section one of an onboarding bot. The 'send a message to a user' part, enables you to configure a message to either be sent to a user's manager OR to another specified Workplace user via Workchat.

Step by step guide

1. In the message builder, add all the parts you want to send to the current bot user at that time. In the example below the user has just finished a section of on-boarding.
2. Click to add the 'send message to user' part at the bottom of the parts list in the message builder:

3. Click 'Choose recipient' in the message part

4. Configure your settings. You can either choose to send the message to the manager of the person who is currently using the bot (you must have org chart ticked on your integration to enable this). 

OR you can send to a specific user, for example someone in HR. If you have 'Read user email addresses' enabled in the permissions of the integration, you can set this up by typing in a workplace user's email address; their address should then appear in the dropdown for you to collect and click save.

5. Add your own text to that message part that you wish to send to the manager/specific user.

This message will now be sent when a bot user triggers it.

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