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Using Markdown in Group Posts

How to format text in a Group Post using Markdown syntax elements

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The Group Post message part allows you to trigger a message that will be posted to a Workplace group. Markdown is a simple method used to format text using a plain-text editor. Using Markdown, you can now use a wide arrange of formats to make your Group Posts more content rich. The formatting options and how to achieve them are outlined below:

How it works

1) Build out your bot flow

First things first, build out your bot. Identify the message that will contain the Group Post option and add the "Group Post" message part from the message part menu.

2) Format the text within your group message part

I'm building out a recognition bot so have added in the bot user's responses to the nomination prompts as my Group Post text. This is how my text looks in the CMS and Workplace before formatting.

And this is how each would look after using Markdown.

3) Configure your Group Post settings

Once you're happy with your text, click on the "Group post settings" at the bottom of the group post message part.

This will bring up the Group Post settings modal which will allow you to select the group you want to post to. It will also allow you to enable group post formatting using Markdown. Tick that option to make sure your formatting has been successfully implemented.

4) Add an image (optional)

You can also add an image to your Group Post. Simply click on the little camera icon in the message part, and upload an image.

5) Save and push your changes live, then test your bot

Go through your bot flow to test. Once you've triggered the group post message in your bot, a notification from your nominated group will come through on your selected group (if you are a member of said group).

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