Locking a Workplace bot down to a group

How to limit bot access to a certain group or groups on Workplace

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Locking a Workplace bot down to specific groups can be useful during the testing phase, and if you only want a sub sector of your organisation to access the bot. You can do this by selecting certain group based permissions when connecting up your bot.

How it works

When connecting your bot to Workplace, you'll be given the option to select your ideal group based permissions (highlighted below):

You can choose to attach the bot to all groups, which allows anyone on your Workplace instance to access/search for the chat or receive broadcasts. If you only want members from specific groups to access the bot, then choose "Specific groups" and type in your ideal group(s). You can also add multiple groups under this setting. As you can see in the screenshot above, I only want members from the "Marketing Summit 2022" group to access my summit bot.

Once you've done this, only members of the group can access your bot. If you want to update your group based permissions at any point, head back to your bot's integration in the admin panel and update the settings from there. This is especially useful if you have locked your group to a testing group whilst building your bot, then are ready to roll it out to a bigger audience once you're happy to launch.

If you are posting a message to a group, you will also need to refresh your groups on the platform.

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