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What workplace permissions do I need and why?

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When you create a Workplace bot, we ask for the following permissions. We need to have these permissions approved in order for your bot to work. Two permissions are compulsory for basic bot use. Others are optional, but we highly recommend ticking them if you want to use the full set of platform functionality.

✅ Message any member

This tells workplace to let us send messages to people and is required for all basic bot functionality.

✅ Bot group chat

This tells Workplace our bots are allowed to create or manage a group chat.

✅ Read user email addresses (optional)

This tells workplace to let us find users based on their email address. It is required if you want to create a segment of users based on their email addresses or to test messages in your bot from the platform.

✅ List group members (optional)

This tells Workplace to allow us to see who is in a group so that you can send broadcast messages to members of a specific Workplace group. If you want to send a message when someone joins or leaves a group, we need this permissions too.

✅ Manage group content (optional)

This tells Workplace that the bot can post in a group. This enables a trigger from Work Chat to post a specific message in a group on Workplace. eg. Once you have nominated someone for employee of the month, the results could be posted to a group.

Read group org chart (optional)

We use this to determine who someone's manager is so that you can specify that the current bot user's manager gets sent a message. (eg. when they've completed a survey)

✅ Read work profile (optional)

This tells Workplace to let us read the fields on a Workplace profile eg. department or location. This enables you to recall this information in the bot or send messages based on the information.

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