When you create a Workplace bot, we ask for the following permissions:

✅ Message any member

This tells workplace to let us send messages to people and is required for all basic bot functionality.

✅ Read user email addresses (optional)

This tells workplace to let us find users based on their e-mail address. It is required if you want to create a segment of users based on their email addresses or to test messages in your bot from the platform.

✅ List group members (optional)

This tells Workplace to allow us to see who is in a group so that you can send broadcast messages to members of a specific Workplace group. If you want to send a message when someone joins or leaves a group, we need this permissions too.

✅ Manage group content (optional)

This tells Workplace that the bot can post in a group. This enables a trigger from Work Chat to post a specific message in a group on Workplace. eg. Once you have nominated someone for employee of the month, the results could be posted to a group.

Read group org chart (optional)

We use this to determine who someone's manager is so that you can specify that the current bot user's manager gets sent a message. (eg. when they've completed a survey)

✅ Read work profile (optional)

This tells Workplace to let us read the fields on a Workplace profile eg. department or location. This enables you to recall this information in the bot or send messages based on the information.

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