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How to transfer ownership of a bot to a teammate

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You can easily transfer the ownership of a bot to another teammate at any time. This transfer will allow your teammate to become the owner of that specific bot, which means they will be able to share bot access with other teammates and access the data download section. The owner can allow others to access to the data download section using the edit permissions section in the share access section of the bot. You can find out more about the above in this help doc.

So back to transferring ownership. Head to the bot you want to transfer ownership to and scroll down the grey menu on the left until you get to "Extras". Click on "Transfer bot":

You can then choose the new owner from the dropdown menu:

Please note - your teammate must be a member of your organisation in order to show up in the drop down menu. If they are not, then reach out to your organisation admin or the bot platform through Intercom and we can make sure they are added. You can find more help docs about organisations here.

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