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How to duplicate the entire contents of your bot

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The copy bot features enables you to copy the entire contents of a bot to another empty bot. Please note, that you must be the admin of your TBP organisation in order to access this feature. If you are not the admin of your TBP organisation, then please contact your admin to copy the bot over.

How it works

1) Create a target bot

First things first, create a new bot- this will be your duplicated bot once you have copied your messages over. Please note, this bot must be totally empty and not contain any previous messages, or else the copy process will not work.

2) Head to the "Copy bot" section under your original bot

Once you've created your brand new bot, head on over to the bot you would like to copy. Scroll down to "Extras" in the grey, left hand bar and click on "Copy Bot":

3) Select your target bot

You will then be taken to the copy bot page, where you will be given a summary of this bot's contents. You can then choose the target bot you would like to copy the messages over to in the dropdown menu:

Please note, you must be the owner of the target bot or else it won't show up in the drop down menu. Click the "Copy Content" button, and your bot will be copied over. You will then be taken to your newly duplicated bot.

4) Wait for confirmation email

You will receive a confirmation email once your original bot's contents has been copied over to your target bot. You can then go in and check the messages are correct and make any changes if necessary.

Things to note

You can't copy over individual messages from certain bots. We recommend copying over the entire bot, then deleting superfluous messages accordingly.

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