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Anonymous bots

How to create a bot which allows you to collect data anonymously

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Anonymous bots allow you to create bots that collect data anonymously. These bots are a great way to create bots such as:

  • Anonymous Q&A (think leadership Q&A etc.)

  • Whistleblowing

  • Speaking up about issues in the company

How it works

To create your bot, simply go to the platform and create a new bot. When you create a bot from scratch or from a template, you will be asked to name your bot. You will then see a tick box below the title, asking if you would like to make your bot anonymous. If yes, then tick the box and click the "Create bot" button:

When building your bot, we recommend making it clear in the messages that the bot won't collect any user's PII (personal identifiable information).

Things to note

1) You cannot change an anonymous bot back to a normal bot, so please make sure you are happy with making your bot anonymous when creating it.

2) Download data for anonymous bots is limited to the bot owner only. Unlike regular bots, it is not possible to share access to the data download page with other bot editors in your team.

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