How to share access to a bot

How to add and invite users to your bot

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Learn how to:

  • Share editing access to a bot

  • Revoke editing access to a bot

  • Edit access permissions to include data download

Please note - if you are a organisation admin, you can edit each user's role in the organisation panel in the platform. You can find out more out how to edit permissions in this doc.

Share editing access to a bot

First off, you need to make sure you are the owner of the bot.

Go onto the platform and scroll down to the page, until you get to Extras in the left hand bar. Click on "Share bot access".

Click on the "Create Invite" button at the top right hand corner of the page, which will then bring up up a URL (as seen below).

Simply email this URL to the person you want to invite - and remember it's one URL per person. They'll then get the link and access to the bot. Easy!

Once someone has received your invite, they will be asked to either log in to their Bot Platform account, or create a new one.

Once they have followed the sign up process the bot should show like below.

If they are signing up for the first time they will need to click, 'send verification email'
If you are unable to see the email, please check in your spam folder.
Once your account is verified your account is fully functional.

Revoke access

You can withdraw the invitation at any time by clicking the "Withdraw" button. If the invitation has already been accepted, click "Edit permissions" button and then "Revoke access".

Edit access permissions

You can give someone you share a bot with permission to also download the user data from a bot (the values collected against attributes). You can choose whether this access also includes personal profile data. Profile data, for this, is classified as:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Employee number

1) Make sure the person has access to your bot and if not create an invite for them

2) Once they have access, click 'Edit permissions' from the 'Share bot access' page

3) Tick 'Data access' to give them access to everything other than personal profile data to download

4) Optionally, tick 'Profile access' if you would like them to see this too

Each person who has access will still be required to enter their password to download data.

You can remove access to each permission at any time.

The video also outlines how to share platform and bot access:

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