You have created a bot on your company's test Workplace instance, and it's time to launch it on your main instance.  You can switch Workplace instance from The Bot Platform. 

First, you must make sure that you are logged into the Workplace instance to which you want to move your bot.

Login to the platform, and select the bot you want to switch. You can find  'Switch Workplace Instance' under 'Extras':

Please note that you should ONLY switch instance if you are trying to move your bot from one Workplace instance to another. If you switch to the same instance, you will end up with multiple instances of the same bot with only the latest working. 

It is also important to note that when you switch instance, you will lose all users and their data from your bot.

Once you're happy that this is what you need to do, type 'switch'.

Select the permissions you want the bot to have on the new instance:

Click next and choose the Workplace instance you want to switch to.

Don't forget to customise your logo and description at this point as well as locking the bot down to specific groups if you want:

Hit 'Add to Workplace' and after a few seconds, you should be re-directed back to The Bot Platform.

If you had any sections of the bot that were linked to your old Workplace instance, for example 'post to group' or 'send message to user', you'll need to re-configure these with groups and users who exist on your new instance.

Once you've done this, give your bot a test!

Reach out to the team on Intercom if you have any problems.

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