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Connecting your bot to Workplace
Who can connect a bot to a Workplace instance?
Who can connect a bot to a Workplace instance?

The required settings to connect up a Workplace bot

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You must be a Workplace system admin in order to connect up your bot to Workplace. The role of system admin can be granted to Workplace users under the Admins panel of your Workplace instance.

How do I know if I have the required role?

When you go through to connect your bot, if it works, you have the required role. However if it comes up with the image below, you do NOT have the required role:

You can also ask your Workplace owner to double check your role settings in the admin panel. They may also be able to grant you system admin access. Please note that this is at your company's discretion.

I'm an admin, how do I make someone else an admin?

If you are a system Admin and would like to add some else as an admin, follow these instructions

What should I do if I'm not a system admin and need to connect up a bot?

Share your bot with your instance's system admin so that they can connect the bot for you. It will only take a couple of minutes, as outlined in the video below:

Once your bot has been connected, no more system admin time is required unless you need to edit the icon, name, description or group permissions of the bot. These changes can only be made in the Integrations section of the admin panel.

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