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Automatically message your new starter using People Sets
Automatically message your new starter using People Sets

Use people sets and group triggers to automate the first message to your new starter

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Send your new starter a welcome message the moment they sign up to Workplace and launch them into your great new starter, on boarding bot!

How it works
Click and open the Admin Panel, check your permission level, you may not have access to the Admin Panel. Click People and then People sets. Click + New set. Give the set a name.....below is 'TBP - New Starter'

Choose how you will populate the People set, either adding people manually or ย 'Sync with Workplace profile'. If you choose to 'Add people manually', you will connect to a CSV file.ย 

Or you can Sync them to their Workplace profile

Once you have created your People set, make sure all new members will be messaged from your chosen Group.ย 

We advise creating a default group for your new starters.

Now go into your bot on The Bot Platform to create and set up your Group Trigger and Welcome Message. In your bot under Auto Replies you will see 'Group Triggers'. Click it and 'Create a Group Trigger', for when 'Someone Joins a Group, select the group you chose for your your people set and click 'Save'.

Once that is saved, choose the message you'd like your new starter to receive as they join that group.

Your new starter is now part of the group. They will only receive the message when they join the group. If you add new starters to the People set the ones already in the group will not receive a repeat message.

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