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How to use the "New Group Chat" message part to connect users from the bot to a person

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The “New Group Chat” message part allows users to be connected to people when they can't find the right type of information in a bot - for example, if an employee is having a major issue and urgently needs to be connected with someone in HR, IT or management etc.

When you create your message part, you will be asked who to connect the user to, and which name to give to the new group chat. The bot will then handover the chat to a human when the user triggers the "New Group Chat" message part within the bot flow. A new chat is then created in a separate group chat on Workplace, from which will bot will immediately leave.


  • allow users to escalate issues or find out more about certain topics

  • instantly connect users to the correct people who can answer their question or query

How it works

1) Create your messages

You will need to create two messages. First create a message that will trigger the new group chat message. You can add in a question, like I have here or add a button so the user can click it to launch the message.

Now create your second message. Click on “New Group Chat” in the message part menu.

Then add your message text.

2) Configure "New group chat" settings

Then set up your group text settings. You need to choose who will be included in the group chat by adding their email addresses in the top section. You then need to choose a name for your chat. Make sure the name is clear so people understand what the chat is about:

You might also need a text bot which contains a message that will be sent to the user. You can add that in above like I have here:

3) Set up a keyword to trigger your message

Now it’s time to test your message! I set up a keyword “help” which launches the first message:

4) Test your message

This will then launch the message in my bot:

A new group chat will show up in your inbox as soon as the first message has been replied to:

The group chat can then commence from there.

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