There are two key principles to understand with regards to driving adoption - these are push and pull adoption. Push adoption is where you send a message out to a user by using broadcasts or drip campaigns. This means that the user will receive a message in the Work Chat inbox without triggering it. Pull adoption is where the user finds and triggers the bot message themselves - usually by searching for the bot or by being linked to it. Here is a bit more information about each form of adoption:

Push adoption

You can push your bot out to people using a broadcast, you can even choose which group to broadcast a message to. This is the most forceful method of driving adoption and it will bring a larger number of users into your bot in a shorter period of time. We'd recommend sending a message welcoming the recipient and explaining the purpose of the bot.

For example "Hi {{first_name}}, I'm Libby, I'm here to help answer some of the more common HR questions, want to give it a go? Ask me for our holiday policy".

We'd also recommend adding in opt-out messaging at this point to avoid messaging the user unnecessarily.

Pull adoption

This is where you drive people into the bot, rather than pinging them directly. The most simple way to do this is to provide a link. You can personalise this to link to your specific bot by adding the bot FBID to the end of that URL - this can be found on your bot dashboard in the platform. For example, if my bot ID was 11145180487192, the direct link would be Please note that you will see a longer URL ( on your dashboard - this will not work for mobile devices so please bear that in mind.

You can also ask people to search. For example: "We've just launched Libby to help provide access to important information. To use Libby, go to work chat and search for "Libby", you can ask Libby all kind of questions including "What's our vacation policy?"

We also recommend selecting champions for the bot who can help promote and distribute it within their teams. 

Have team leaders and super users to demonstrate the bot. Create a video of how the bot works and share it with teams. 

Involve teams. Creating a bot can be a great team building opportunity. Get teams together, have an open discussion about pain points. Allow them to identify them, include them in the decision and bot design process, so they own it and the outcomes. Allow teams to experiment and test out bots that resolve their business and team needs. They can then demonstrate the benefits to other teams. 

Adoption techniques

Group Broadcasts

Group broadcasts are by far the most efficient way of driving awareness and adoption of Workplace bots. 

Using the broadcast feature, you can send messages to all members of a group on Workplace.

Mark as important

Workplace has a feature called "Mark as important" allowing posts to appear above all others in the news feed.

Choose your Group, write your message, Post it and then you can Mark as important

It can be Marked as important for upto  7 days

And will be seen here

Pinned Posts

With a dedicated group, we would recommend publishing a post to that Workplace group that introduces the bot and tells people how to access it if they’re not part of the group already (eg. by searching for it).

Pinning this post to the top of the group will increase visibility for group members.

Choose your Group, write your message, Post it and then you can Pin it.

All Group Members are still able to post new content, but the Pinned Post will remain at the top and all New Activity will show beneath it.

Internal Champions

Another great way to increase awareness of your bot is to ask internal champions/influencers to post about it on their own Workplace profiles. 

We suggest picking a handful of influential stakeholders of relevance to the event and giving them a shareable asset and some intro copy to post.

Get the bot high visibility and endorsements from executive staff.
Ask the CEO or Senior Directors to film a short video or announcement endorsing the bot? 

Physical Posters

This might be a slightly old school way of promoting bots, but it works. Create some simple posters that show a key screen from the bot, a short and concise description and instructions for how to find and access it. Place these posters in high traffic areas by the event entrance, meeting areas or the coffee machine.

On Site Screens

If you have screens in your offices, why don't you have one of the bits of information on loop being something to promote the bot. Explain how your team member will benefit from using the bot.

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