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Buttons vs Quick Replies vs Carousels
Buttons vs Quick Replies vs Carousels

How to choose between buttons, quick replies and carousels in your bot flow

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The Bot Platform supports multiple call to action triggers - these include buttons, quick replies and carousels. This doc will help you decide which one of these features is best to use in your bot flow. Please note - this help doc is for Workplace users only.

An overview of features

First things first, let's talk about each feature and their specifications.


• Add up to three buttons

• Character limit of 20 for each button

• They don't disappear when clicked

Quick replies

• Add up to 13 quick replies

• Character limit of 20 for each quick reply

• They do disappear once clicked


• Add up to 10 cards

• Each card can contain 3 buttons

• Each button has a character limit of 20 characters

• You can add a title and subtitle - each of around 50 characters each

• You can add an image or no image

• The button(s) or carousel(s) don't disappear when clicked

What works best for your bot flow?

General navigation

For general navigation buttons and calls to action, we recommend using buttons. If the button text is over the 20 character limit, you can choose two of the following routes:

1) Use a carousel

Add the text into the title and/or subtitle then add and label the button i.e."Choose" or "Select":

2) Add the button text into the message above

You can also include the options in the text box and then add the corresponding letters in the button text. For example:


For small menus of up to 3 options, buttons work really well. They can be compact and direct the user straight to specific content. They can also work really well in the set of CTAs in the welcome message to get people quickly progressing into the bot:

Carousels work equally as well, especially for larger menus. You can incorporate longer titles and images also, which are great for menus and submenus. For example:

We don't recommend using quick replies for menus as they can disappear once clicked. This might make the flow confusing to the user as they can't see where they've previously clicked.


Quick replies are your best options for quizzes as the disappear. This means that users can't go back and change their responses. You can also use the platform's quiz builder to easily build out your quiz skeleton. You can find out more about that here.


Buttons or quick replies work well for surveys. Quick replies offer a larger range of responses, however especially if you are gauging how people are feeling about certain topics. Emojis also work really well in quick replies when creating surveys, as illustrated below:

We hope that gives you a good overview on how to approach buttons, quick replies and carousels going forward. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the Intercom widget in the bottom, right hand corner of the platform.

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