Some people call auto replies Artificial Intelligence, or AI, here though, we prefer to call it Optimised Human Assisted Intelligence, or OHAI.

Keywords are messages that are set-up to automatically respond to a predetermined word or set of words that a user might key in. They are words that the user is instructed to type or could type and to which they will receive an automatic message you have chosen.

Step by step guide

Step one – View the list of keywords

On the side bar there is a link to your Keywords.

Step two – Add a new auto reply

You can specify is or contains and you can use a comma to separate multiple keywords.

“is” – “hello”
will respond to “hello” but it won’t respond to “hello there”

“contains” – “hello”
will respond to “hello” AND it will respond to “hello there”

You also need to specify the message that your bot should reply with, or create a new one.

Step three – Push to live

After you make any change to your bot, before it can be rolled out live to all users, you need to push the changes live.

Top tip - Make sure you have created at least one message before you try and add an auto-reply.

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