Character limits

How many characters you can include in text boxes, buttons, quick replies and carousels

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When building your bot, there are a few character limits to consider.
​Text parts
A text message part can consist of up to 640 characters of text. Remember, the text should not be too dense – break it up into small chunks of a few sentences with a short delay in between. We recommend for long chunks of text to add a delay of 500ms per line of text.

Quick replies and buttons
You can also add up to three buttons or 13 quick replies to a text part. There is a limit of 20 characters per button and quick reply.

Carousels can contain up to three kinds of text - the title, the subtitle and the button. The subtitle and button are optional. The title and subtitle have a limit of 80 characters each, whilst the button has a limit of 20 characters.

Persistent menu
The persistent menu is made up of 3 buttons only, with each button having a limit of 20 characters.

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