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How to upload attributes into the CMS using a CSV

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The user attribute uploader is a quick and easy way to get pre-determined attributes into your bot. All you need to do is upload a CSV file containing the email addresses and attributes into the platform.


• Add new attributes and values into your new or existing bots quickly

• Bulk upload multiple attributes in one go

How it works

1) Prepare you CSV

The CSV file must contain the email address in a column named ‘email’ and then any attributes to update thereafter. You can even add your values at this point, in each column under the corresponding attribute. Here's a couple of examples.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Please note:

  • the header of the email column must be written as "email" with no caps or spaces, for the upload to successfully work.

2) Go to "Upload user attributes"

Go to your bot in the platform and scroll down to "Upload User Attributes" under the "People & Privacy" section:

3) Select and upload your CSV

Click the "Choose files " button and upload your CSV from your device's drive:

Your CSV will then be uploaded to the platform:

4) Preview your upload

You will then be shown a preview of your data:

If you are happy with the preview, click the "Submit file for processing" button.

5) File processing and confirmation

Your file will then start processing within the platform:

A confirmation email will then be sent to your TBP login address once the file has been processed:

If your CSV upload fails, your email will tell you so. You'll be able to download a report on what went wrong in the platform:

The report will include a status column, and a failed reason:

If the "Email is not found on Workplace", you may need to check the spelling of the email, or check the user is in the group that has been granted access to the bot (Group permissions on the bot's integration).

6) Check your attributes

Once you have received your confirmation, you can check your attributes by going into the "Manage attributes" section. You can also update the names of your attributes in this section.

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