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Upload a CSV of your bot structure to the platform to create messages

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The message uploader allows you to upload of CSV of messages to your bot. You can upload a CSV file to add new messages and a text part for each message to the bot.


  • Allows you to pre-plan the messages in the platform

  • Allows you to work collaboratively off the platform

  • Allows you to quickly create messages

How it works

1) Create your CSV

First create a CSV of your messages. The CSV file must contain the title of the message in a column named 'title' and then the text part in another column named 'text part'. For example:

2) Go to Upload Messages and upload

Go to your bot in the platform and click on "Upload Message" under "Messages:

Then click on "Choose file" and select the CSV from your device's drive:

Click the blue "Upload messages" button.

3) Review your messages

If your upload is successful, you will see a green banner at the top of the page and a summary of your upload at the bottom:

4) Edit your messages

Other message parts (buttons, media, set attributes, etc.), as well as the linking between messages (i.e. which message leads to which response) won't be included in your upload. You will need to add these in as you edit your bot.


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