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Link tracking and how to disable it

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You can view the most clicked links in your bot by clicking on "Most Clicked Links" under Analytics in the left hand menu:

When a button is set to open a URL and that button is clicked we track a link engagement. The link engagement page shows how many times the most popular links within your bot have been clicked and is ordered by most clicks.. This is great to be able to see engagement for the links in your bot.

Things to note

Disabling tracking

There are, however, some limitations with the way Workplace handle our link tracking resulting in some difficulties viewing links to Workplace groups, posts or other bots when following a link from a bot on mobile.

If this is causing problems for you, then you can disable link tracking. Go to 'Link Engagement' from the side navigation menu, and then hit the 'Disable link tracking' button. Please note, that by disabling link tracking, we are unable to show you a count of the number of times a link within your bot has been clicked.

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