How to quickly link to specific messages in your Workplace bot

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A deeplink is a URL that takes the user to a specific message in a bot. It's a great feature to use when testing specific parts of your bot with a team - simply share the deep link with each tester so they can be taken straight to the message/flow being tested. It can also be very handy when promoting your bot - you can add a deep link to your promotional comms (emails, Workplace groups posts, etc) to quickly get users into your bot. This is also know as pull adoption.

The structure of a deep link is: (the ID being a number, followed by a message ID).

1) Go to your message list and click "Options"

Head on over to your message list and click "Options" for the message you want to deeplink to:

2) View your options

You will then be shown multiple options for your message (including API options and a QR code). The deep link is the second option:

If you would like to test the link, simply click on the URL. If you would like to share the link, click on the grey button on the right hand side to copy it to your clipboard. You can also use the QR code to send users to specific flows in a bot. This is a great feature to use for printed/digital comms or live events (simply add the QR code to any screen/slide and ask users to scan accordingly).

3) Share your deeplink or QR code

Share away! Please note that the URL is for that particular message, so if you were to delete the message in the platform, the link would become redundant.

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