The logo, name and description of your bot are all set on the Workplace side. The default setting will be the name you set when first creating your bot, The Bot Platform logo and a short tagline about The Bot Platform.

To edit these when connecting your bot to Workplace, watch this video or follow the written instructions below:

To edit the name, description or logo of your bot after you have connected it to Workplace, follow these steps:

As a Workplace admin, go to the admin panel and hit 'Integrations'

Next, select the bot you want to edit, in this case I'm editing the 'Birthday Bot', and hit 'Customise'.

Here, you can edit the name, description and logo of your bot.

Hit 'Save' on the settings box and then save on the integration.

Your name, logo and description will now be changed on Workplace including within Workplace chat whenever someone uses the bot.

To see these changes in the CMS of The Bot Platform, go to your bot dashboard and under 'Bot Details' hit 'refresh bot name and logo'.

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