Building bots on the platform is simple and does not require any custom development.

Log in to The Bot Platform

If you don’t have a login for The Bot Platform, make sure you contact our sales team

Create a bot

By clicking The Bot Platform logo in the bottom left corner, an interactive wizard will pop up to walk you through the following steps:

In The Bot Platform app, click the ‘Create a bot’ button in the top right corner.

You will then be taken to a page where you can choose whether you want to create your bot from a selection of our templates, or start from scratch.

Once you've chosen, it's time to name your bot! Don't worry if you haven't got a final name for your bot yet - the actual name of your bot will be added when you create your integration on Workplace later on.

Once you've named your bot, you will be taken to the dashboard. Click on the "Edit your welcome message" button to start building your bot. 

Create your welcome message. Make sure you keep it personalised by adding in {{first_name}}, so the user has a message catered to them.

Save this message and build the rest of your messages. These will all appear in your message list. Once all your messages are built, click the "Connect to Workplace" button to start setting up your integration.

Note before starting this step - you will need to make sure you are an integrations Administrator on your Workplace instance. If you aren't one, you can share bot access with one.

Once you've completed those steps, you've officially launched your Workplace bot! Why don't you go and schedule a broadcast to your organisation to officially launch it and tell your team about the bot you've just made.

Click here to learn about creating messages.

Feel free to go back in and edit and add any new messages, and keep an eye on your analytics to see how your bot is performing. Our help centre is full of handy tips and tricks, so have a little look around and pick up ways to make your bot even better. 

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