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Broadcasting messages
Broadcast using Workplace profile data as Attributes
Broadcast using Workplace profile data as Attributes

Broadcast by organisation, division, department, primary address, job title or name

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You are able to use Workplace profile data to create message journeys, message variations and broadcast by attribute.

  • Pull in WP profile data in the message builder when you use {{ 

  • Create variations based on user profile data

  • When downloading data; download user data shows an option to include these fields (these will only appear if a user has at least one other bot attribute)

  • Broadcast based on WP profile attributes eg. 'title contains manager' or 'department is equal to product'. 

NB. Attribute values are case sensitive.

When using 'contains' you can only target full words eg. to target the department 'Product Marketing' you would need to contain 'product' or 'marketing' you couldn't target 'prod'

Important: You must have 'read work profile' permission on your Workplace integration ticked.

You can pull the following data from Workplace:

  • primary address

  • division

  • organization

  • title

  • department

  • WP email

  • WP employee number

  • locale

On custom integration bots, if you did not have this permission and then add it, you need to then visit either the Message Builder or the download user data page for these to then appear in the different areas of the platform.

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