If you've decided to use attributes in your bot, then good news! You can start broadcasting to users based on the attributes they have selected.

First up, create a message that will allow the user to select an attribute to apply to them. I want to ask the user what they want for dinner tonight, and I've given them two options:

To give each option an attribute, go into the button settings. Select "Save user attribute and send a message". More options should appear. Then type in the name of your attribute - I've chosen to call mine "dinner". You can add a tag value to your attribute, but for the sake of saving time, I've kept mine the same as the button. Once that's done, choose or create a reply message and save your settings!

Once you're happy, save your message.

Build out a response message and a broadcast message you're happy with. This is the broadcast message I've built to remind the user what they're having for dinner:

Now it's time to schedule your broadcast. Go to the broadcast section of the platform and choose the message you'd like to broadcast. Tick "target to attribute", and select your attribute from the drop down menu (in my case - dinner). Now select "equal to" and type in your user attribute value (make sure it's identical to the button in your message if you didn't add a tag). You can see how I scheduled my post below. 

Set when you want the broadcast to go out, confirm that your aren't sending promotional content (on Messenger only), and click "schedule"

Now, only the people who chose "Chicken nuggets" will receive the following broadcast:

You can also schedule broadcasts based on what people scored in a quiz. So for example, I made a Big Quiz with the attribute big-quiz-score. I wanted to send out a congratulations message to those who scored more than 9 so I did the following:

Selecting the middle drop down menu gives you a lot of flexibility with who you can send a broadcast to. Remember that only "equal to" can be used with letters and words - you can't ask to send a broadcast to someone greater than Chicken Nuggets (unfortunately).

Need a bit more help? Find out more about broadcasts here and attributes here.

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