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Surveys - Best Practices

Ten tips on how to get a high engagement and completion rate on your company surveys on Workplace

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Survey bots are a great way to quickly and easily send surveys to your staff and workforce to find out how they feel about certain topics or issues.

We've built a lot of survey bots here at The Bot Platform. So here are ten tips which will help you focus on your bot design and bot promotion to make sure you hit your targets.

  1. Set a target of completed surveys. From our experience, you can expect at least a 25%-30% completion rate and 60% open rate of staff who will begin the survey.

  2. Brand your bot to fit the survey's purpose. Some surveys might require a light and fun tone of voice, and accessible branding to inspire users to complete the flow. This would involve including GIFs, images and easy-going responses to user's answers. However, some surveys might require a more serious and direct tone of voice, to push user's for more sincere responses to your questions. Bot branding and tone of voice is best established during the bot planning part of the bot build.

  3. Make the most of quick replies and carousels to give multiple choice options see here for more about building a survey.

  4. For the vital qualitative comments and personal feedback, leave those questions to the end. You will see a drop off rate the moment you ask someone to type in their comments, so best to leave them until last.

  5. Allow at least two weeks to design and build the survey and plan your broadcast and promotion strategy.

  6. A week or two before the survey, start promoting it to staff, inform them of the date, how long it will take, how many questions they can expect. Have senior staff and managers, push notification of the survey organically across Workplace groups. Maybe even a few well placed posters in break out areas. Ask the CEO to do a short video encouraging staff to complete the survey. See here for more about bot promotion.

  7. Think how you want to use Attributes. Attributes enable you to store responses so you can download all the user responses from the data download section of the platform at any time. You can also use attributes to build nudges. These are broadcasts that are set up to target users that have not completed the flow of the bot.

  8. To set up automated reminders you can use Drip Campaigns, where a user can decide when they would like to be reminded about the survey and the bot pushes them the reminder. The user gets put into a segment and can choose to be reminded after a few hours or a few days, see here for more information on Drip Campaigns.

  9. You can store the data in the bot to download as a csv file. To curate your data, you can also set up a data set or send the data straight into a Google/Excel sheet.

  10. To monitor the flow and to see if there are any points where users drop off, take a look at Message Journeys to create message funnels. Be sure to monitor the progress of your survey in the platform Analytics and Most Sent Messages. Analytics show the overall user and message activity. Message Engagements, show a list of messages and the number of message interactions for each one.

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