Tone of voice is incredibly important when writing a bot, as it makes the conversation engaging and inviting whilst setting the scene for the user. 

A good way to establish your tone of voice (if you haven't already got one), is to think of what will engage your audience the most. For example, if you're making a bot for a high end hotel company, it would be good practice to use formal language in proper sentences with incredibly descriptive words. Let's compare that to if you were making a bot for a young pop star. The tone of voice would be more casual, include more slang, and even emojis. Tone of voice requires incorporating and having knowledge of how your user likes to be spoken to, and what they are most likely to understand and enjoy interacting with.

We'd recommend coming up with a list of words to describe your tone of voice and your ideal audience before creating a script for your bot. Remember to keep an eye of your personas and KPIs to ensure that they all work together to suit the conversation you are about to build.

And remember, tone of voice isn't just about how you sound to your user, it's how you make them feel. Getting your tone of voice on point goes hand in hand with a successful, exciting and engaging bot.

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