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How to quickly set up a quiz bot made up of questions and quick replies

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Setting up a quiz is super easy using the "Create quiz" feature. Simply choose how many questions you want, set up an attribute for your quiz, and the feature will instantly build out your messages so you can go in and add you text and media.

How it works

1) Click on "Create quiz"

Open up the Messages screen and click on the "Create quiz" button in the top right corner:

2) Enter your quiz info

You will then be taken to the screen below:

You will be asked to enter a name for your quiz. The category name field and user attribute field will self-populate based on the name of your quiz, but you can change these if needed. You will also need to state how many questions you want. Please note that the maximum number is questions is 10.

3) Create your quiz

Then click "Create quiz" and the platform will instantly create a quiz structure for you to edit. You can find your quiz structure in your message list.

4) View your quiz structure

Here is an example of what your quiz structure will look like in your message list:

The structure will contain your requested number of questions, as well as correct and incorrect messages. The buttons with the right answers will go to the correct messages, and the buttons with the wrong answers will go to the incorrect messages. These messages are already interconnected, so you won't need to go in and change any flow routing.

5) Edit your quiz content

Now you can start adding in the text and content. The quiz will also have a "Reset attribute" message part in Q1 - this will make sure that all scores goes back to '0' when the quiz is restarted.

6) Edit quiz replies

The template has 3 possible answers pre-set as quick replies. You can change the order, names, scores and routing of each quiz reply by clicking on the cog. You will then see these options in the modal:

Your answers, the number of points and the reply messages that will be sent have been set up. You can alter the number of points for the correct answer and you can add more possible answers.

You can also change the message they receive if you wish

You can also reorder the buttons by dragging the icon to the left hand side of each option:

7) Edit your correct/incorrect messages

Each question will be connected to an correct/incorrect response based on how the user answered. These messages are great ways to congratulate the user on getting the answer right, or letting them know where they went wrong. You can also add media like GIFs to make your responses more interactive and exciting. Please note that each answer will have a button that the user has to click to receive the next question.

8) Edit your last message

The last message in the quiz structure will be the "Finish" message:

The score will automatically appear here in the form of a recalled attribute. If you want the user to receive a different message depending on their score we now have Message Variations. You can find out about variations here.

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