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Message journey analytics to understand user journeys

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Our Message Journeys tool allows you to conduct a funnel analysis of your bot. This allows you to see if there is a ever a significant drop off in the journey, where you may need to tweak the messages or reconsider elements of the flow.

What is funnel analysis?

Funnel analysis involves using a series of events that lead towards a defined goal, e.g. tracking user engagement in a survey bot from the intro to the final message. This is an effective way to calculate conversion rates on specific user behaviours.

Step by step guide

The premise of a message journey is to capture how far people go through a defined journey in the bot. The first message in the flow will show the total number of interactions and engaged people for that message. Each subsequent message shows the total engaged people who have also engaged with the previous messages in the flow.

1) Launch your bot

First, launch your bot to an audience. Please note that message journey analytics data may be up to 24 hours delayed, so factor that into your process when compiling a Message Journey.

2) Select a date range

Select a date range from the picker in the top left. This will filter in the interactions and engagements from that period only.

3) Start building out your journey

Go to "Message Journeys" under Analytics to start building out your Message Journey:

Start at the top of the journey you want to track. In this example, I am tracking bot users' progress through a three questions survey, starting with an intro to the survey:

Then keep adding the messages that make up the flow you want to track:

You will be able to see the message interactions and engagements populate as you add your messages (if you have allowed 24 hours for the data to pull in).

Message Interactions count of total interactions with the selected message. Engaged People is calculated the same as Engaged People from the Analytics Audience, essentially counting the number of unique people who have interacted with the message.

3) Save your journey

If you want to keep checking on your journey, you can save it's setup by clicking on the "Save Journey" message below your Message Journey.

Enter the name of your survey and click "Create":

Your saved journey will then show up in the drop down menu at the top of the screen:

Points to note


If you have created a 'Jump' message, the clicks onto this message are not counted. You will have to measure the clicks on the subsequent message for your analysis. 'Jumps' are frequently used in surveys to take the user directly to the following message without them having to click on a response button.ย 

Video instructions

This video outlines how to set up a message journey:


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