Adding a default reply

How to reply to user messages that haven't been programmed with autoreplies

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A default reply is a message that’s sent by the bot when a user’s message hasn’t been understood and the bot has no response for the user's message due to the lack of corresponding auto replies/keywords.

A default reply is a great way to give a general response on how to use the bot correctly, or point them in the direction of more information if they can't find what they need in the bot. Here are a few examples:

How it works

Step one

First create the message you want to use as your default reply. We recommend naming the message "Default Reply" so it's easy to find in your message list.

Step two

Scroll down to ‘Default reply’ under "Auto replies" in the platform's side menu:

Step three

Select the message you’d like to be sent from the dropdown menu:

Push your changes live and your default reply will be set!

You can also set multiple default replies, if you want to add more variation to user responses. To do this, use the multi-response message feature, and choose that block when selecting your default reply from the dropdown menu.

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