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How to set up OpenAI in the TBP CMS
How to set up OpenAI in the TBP CMS

How to integrate OpenAI within the The Bot Platform CMS for enhanced AI capabilities

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The OpenAI message part allows your bot users to ask your bot information about content (e.g. your company policies, employee handbook, or developer documentation) that has been previously uploaded in your Azure OpenAI storage.


  • Allow bot users to get information about your company quickly and easily

  • Limit the number of auto-replies you need to set up in our CMS, giving your bot access to a set of pre-written PDF that the bot can read and use for information delivery

How it works

ℹ️ Before setting up your OpenAI in the TBP CMS, you need to set up the documents that are going to serve as a knowledge repository in your Microsoft Azure environment. Find out how to do that here.

Create you messages

First, create your bot flow. For this example, I've built an FAQ bot, containing an intro:

Add the OpenAI message part

The OpenAI message part is in your message part panel in the message builder and add the text you want to bot to send to bot users:

Once you've added your message part, click on "Click to configure" in the bottom right hand corner to launch the settings modal. You will first be asked to select your connection. If you have not established a connection at this point, then click on the blue "Connect to Azure OpenAI”:

A modal will ask you to provide information about your Azure space.

ℹ️ #protip: if you are not the person who set the Azure account, ask the person who did and they should be able to give you the needed credentials.

Set up the actions that you want to be available to bot users along each message powered by OpenAI

While the AI message part allows your bot users to ask your bot a question, and enables your bot to get a response from a document in your Azure environment, you may also want to give your bot users the option to go back to the messages you set up in our CMS. The quick action in the OpenAI modal serve exactly that purpose:

In the example above the bot builder allows users to click "I'm happy" or "Search again" to send two different messages, i.e. one to go back to the regular bot, one to prompt another AI message part to search again. The sky is the limit here! You can, for example, set an action that sends a message to yourself, or a colleague of yours—essentially all the actions that you are already familiar with within our CMS are available for these messages.

Save your message and test your bot

Save your message, push your changes live and start testing your bot. When you've gone through your flow, and triggered the message with the OpenAI part, you will be able to ask your bot questions about the content in the documents uploaded to the Azure OpenAI storage.

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