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How to collect multiple sets of data within your bot

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Bots can do a wide range of things and collect an array of data - that’s why it’s a good idea to keep your data organised. Data sets can help you achieve that. Data sets are essentially collections of data where you curate and control what data you are saving and downloading.

How it works

1) Build your bot flow and add your data set message part

Build your bot as normal, making sure attributes have been set up correctly. Choose the message that you want to add the Data set to - we recommend adding the part to the end of a certain flow in your bot or in an outro/recap message. This ensures that all the values for all the attributes are stored in the bot database when the user hits that specific message.

Click edit on your message. In the message parts menu, hover over “Set attribute” and select “Store data set”:

2) Configure your data set's settings

A message part will now show up in your preview. Click the message part to configure your settings:

You can then choose your Data set - either by creating a new one or by selecting pre-made ones from the drop down menu:

Click “save”. Your Data set has now been created:

3) Accessing your data set

You can now access, organise and download the contents of your data set by going to “People & Privacy” in the left hand bar, and clicking Download Data. Select your Data set from the dropdown - you can then filter your data by selecting a date range and choosing which attributes you want to collect as part of your Data set download. You will also be able to see the number of unique people in your data set, which is super helpful if you want a certain number of responses before you download your CSV.

Once you have chosen your dates and attributes, enter your password and click “Save and download”. The CSV will then download to your device and your Data set settings will be remembered for the next time you want to access them.

You can read more about general data downloads here.

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