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How to keep track of the users within your organisation

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As organisation admin, it's super easy to keep track of the users in your team, as well as their permissions. Please note - this doc only outlines how the user list within organisations work. To find out how to invite a user to access/edit a specific bot, please head on over to this help doc.

Simply click on "Your Organisation" at the top of the page on the platform, and you'll be taken to this list:

You will see the whole list of users in your organisation, as well as:

• when they last logged in

• if they have 2fa enabled

• their role

• if their account is still active

• how many bots they've built

You can edit each user's role here by clicking the green edit button on the right hand side. You will then be taken to this page:

To edit the user's role, simply click on the dropdown and choose from the options:

• Admin - can access and edit all organisation's bots and users

• Editor - can build and launch bots

• Analyst - only has access to analytics and data download functionalities

A more detailed breakdown of these roles can be found in this doc.

You will also be able to view the bots this user has under their account, and apply limits to how many bots they can build.

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