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How to store, organise and download data stored within your bot

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A bot is a great way to collect information from your users. By using attributes, this information can be stored in the bot database for you to come back to when necessary. You can find out more about attributes here.

You can find out how to use the Download Data section in this video or follow written instructions below:

Step by step guide

The first and most important step is to make sure your responses are correctly set up or your data will not be stored. You can learn how to do this here.

Once you've done that, you can get an overview of your data and download the responses as a CSV from the side navigation bar under 'People & Privacy'.

Only the owner of the bot on The Bot Platform will be able to download the data and control who has access to the data. You can find out how to share access to a bot and it’s data here. When you have permission, you can access data under People & Privacy > Download Data:

Once you have clicked this, you will be shown all the available attributes that are used to store data in your bot.

At the top, you will also see a dropdown menu where you can choose from working data or data sets.

Working data is all the possible data that is available in your bot at that moment in time.

Data sets are collections of data where you curate and control what data you are downloading. You can read more about them here.

Downloading Working Data

To download all the data from your bot, simply choose “Working Data” from the dropdown. You can choose the attributes you would like to download by ticking the relevant attributes on the page. You can also rearrange these attributes by dragging them so that they format in your ideal order in your CSV. Once you are happy with your selection, enter your password to download your data.

Data Sets

Make sure your data set has been added to your bot via the message builder before you try to download it from the Download data section. Once that is set up, choose your Data set from the dropdown - you can then filter your data by selecting a date range and choosing with attributes you want to collect as part of your Data set download. You will also be able to see the number of unique people in your data set, which is super helpful if you want a certain number of responses before you download your CSV.

Once you have chosen your dates and attributes, enter your password and click “Save and download”. The CSV will then download to your device and your Data set settings will be remembered for the next time you want to access them.

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