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How to download your user data and determine the winners for your Football Predictor bot
How to download your user data and determine the winners for your Football Predictor bot

This tutorial walks through downloading your bot data and determining the winners for any sweepstakes, competitions or prize draws.

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If you experience any issues then please reach out using the Chat Support button on the platform.

OK, so you’ve launched your Football tournament campaign and have had loads of people getting involved from across your team, region or even the entire company. That’s great!

Now you want to know how to see the winners from the various competitions you’ve run from the bot - whether it be the Team Randomizer, the Finals Predictor or the football history quiz.

Well don’t worry, because it’s easy.

Step 1: Download your data

Log into the platform and click on your football bot. In the left hand menu, scroll down to the ‘People & Privacy’ section and click on ‘Download data’. If you don’t see that option, it might be that you don’t have the right permissions to download bot data. If so, reach out to your TBP admin or a member of our Customer Success team and we can advise.

Clicking ‘Download data’ will open this screen. You can see all the attributes available are selected and listed in a certain order. Make sure all of them are ticked as it will make the data import section that takes place in Step 3 much easier.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Download data page, confirm your password and click ‘Save and download’.

Step 2: Make a copy of our Spreadsheet template

You can import the data you have just downloaded directly into one of these Spreadsheet templates and the results will automatically be calculated for us.

Don’t thank us. Thank our awesome Solutions Architect, Sami!

The differences are purely in how formulas work on the respective platforms.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we’re going to use the Google Sheets template.

To work in the cloud, click ‘File’ in the top menu and then ‘Make a copy’.

Alternatively you can click Download the file to your device.

Step 3: Upload your data to this spreadsheet

Open your bot data file that you downloaded in step 1 of this tutorial. The file will be called something like “Football_Tournament_Bot-2022-12-19-export”.

Copy all the data from row 2 and below.

Then go to the first tab in your copy of the template (named World_Cup_Bot-data-export) and paste your data into cell A2.

Have a quick scan through the columns to ensure you’ve copied it correctly. For example, in the ‘Take part (95344)’ column everyone should have the value ‘yes’ and the ‘Team Assigned (95345)’ column should contain countries.

Step 4: Determining the Finals Predictor winners

Now for the fun bit. Click on the tab called ‘Validation’. Here we need to enter the answers to what happened and who won.

You should have received an email and message in the platform with the answers, and we’ll also do our best to update the master templates so when you copy it the information is already there.

Let’s assume that the final score was 2-1, the first goal was scored in the 30th minute, there were no red cards, it didn’t go to penalties and Argentina won the final.

We would simply update those fields in the sheet, as per the example below.

Now click on the tab called “Ranking” - the names you see here have been ranked in terms of their top score. We can see we’ve had 4 employees all correctly guess 4 of the predictor questions, giving them a total score of 40.

You may want to award all 4 players, but if you want to drill it down to an overall winner then you can do that by using the “When was the first goal scored” question as a tie-breaker.

To do that, click on the tab called “Sorting” and look at column E. Whoever guessed closest here wins.

With our first goal taking place in the 30th minute, the overall winner is Anthony Absolute who guessed it would be scored in the 58th minute.

You may want to send a congratulatory message to Anthony individually or you may wish to announce his success to everyone that played, and allow him to bask in the glory of being the overall winner.

Step 5: Determining the Team Randomizer Sweepstake winners

If you have also run a sweepstake using your football predictor bot, then you can easily see which staff have won those prizes too.

For example, when people are randomly assigned a country or team, they might have the chance of winning a prize based on whether their team was:

  • The overall winner

  • Winner of the Goal of the Tournament

  • Player of the Tournament

  • Biggest loser (worst goal difference in the group stage)

  • Fair play award winner

Determining who these users are is very easy. First, you’ll want to gather the results. For example, let’s assume that the following happened…

  • The overall winner: Argentina

  • Winner of the Goal of the Tournament: Sadio Mané, Senegal

  • Player of the Tournament: Kevin De Bruyne, Belgium

  • Biggest loser (worst goal difference in the group stage): Saudi Arabia

  • Fair play award winner: Spain

What we need to do is sort our participants based on the country they were assigned, and then identify which person/people have won.

If you have large numbers of participants then you may have more than one winner. If there is only one prize available you may have to randomly pick one winner from the winning participants.

Go to the first tab in your spreadsheet called “World_Cup_Bot-data-export”.

Then click on the arrow in the top row of column E.

In the options that appear, click on “Sort sheet A to Z”. This will order all of our staff based on the country/team they were assigned in alphabetical order.

After we sort the data, we can scroll down in the sheet to see which staff members were assigned which teams.

For example, in the screenshot above we can see that 3 people were assigned Argentina who were the competition winners. We can also see 4 people have been assigned Belgium, who were the winners for the Player of the Tournament sweepstake.

If you have multiple winners, you may want to turn the final selection into a fun reveal with a live video on Workplace, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, YouTube or your communication channel of choice where you announce the overall winner from each set of finalists.

Alternatively, you can also simply randomly pick an overall winner from the staff who were assigned each country/team.

You can collate the winners into a message and send that as a broadcast, or you may wish to publish this elsewhere such as a post on Workplace, Microsoft Teams channel or company wide email.

And that’s it - a super easy process using our data download feature combined with these customized spreadsheets. If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to contact support via the platform or reach out to your Customer Success Manager at The Bot Platform.

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