Broadcasts for Workplace bots

Before you start, ensure you have these permissions ticked on your integration:

✅ Message any member

This tells workplace to let us send messages to people and is required for all basic bot functionality.

✅ List group members (optional)

This tells Workplace to allow us to see who is in a group so that you can send broadcast messages to members of a specific Workplace group. If you want to send a message when someone joins or leaves a group, we need this permissions too.

You can find out more about permissions here. If you do not have access to the integrations panel on your Workplace instance, you will need to contact your system admin. More info on that can be found here.

Step one – Compose your message

Once the necessary permissions have been granted, it's time to compose a message for your broadcast. This message will be the first notification that your receiver gets in their inbox. 

Step two – Visit your list of broadcasts

On the side bar select the button that says ‘Broadcasts’. Then choose ‘schedule new post’.

Step three – Who should receive the broadcast?

Choose to send a message to all users who have subscribed to a bot, a Segment of users, to a Workplace group and you can target the broadcast to users with an Attribute.

The group function sends a message via chat to any member of a Workplace group.

If no groups appear, check your permissions on Workplace and click ‘refresh groups’ in broadcasts.

You can also exclude groups or segments so the broadcast won't go to anyone who is in the group you are targeting and also in the group you are excluding.

NB. If you are sending a broadcast to a WP group, and the user has not interacted with the bot before, you will not be able to use {{first_name}} as we do not pull that information until someone interacts with the bot. We will get their first name once they respond to the broadcast.

Targeting by Attribute. You should have created Attributes and Values to be able to target your broadcast to specific users. 

See here for more info on broadcasting by Attribute

If you have created Segments to manage the users of your bot then 

Click here to find out more about broadcasting by Segment

Step three – Notification type

Select which notification type you would like. The options are described in detail below.

Step five – Choose to repeat the broadcast

To schedule a recurring post, tick repeat and choose how often you want the post sent. The earliest start date demonstrates the first possible day of sending, the message will be sent out on the next named day that you have set. Eg. a recurring message that’s scheduled on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but you’re creating the message the Friday before, then the date you pick if you select “now” will be Friday, but of course, the message will not be sent until the following Monday.

Step four – Wait for the results

After a few minutes past the scheduled time if you refresh the page, you will see how far along the platform is sending them. Facebook limits their use of the API, meaning that the messages have to be sent out in batches.

Notification types

There are three types of broadcast notification:

Notification + Sound/Vibration

If you send a broadcast message with this notification, everyone who receives the message will be “interrupted”. It will demand instant attention, don’t over use this.

Notification only

Broadcast messages sent with this notification will appear on their home screen, however it won’t demand instant attention.


These are the best notifications for keeping your subscriber list, they will appear at the top of their threads when they next open up Messenger. This doesn’t interrupt them in any way, shape or form.

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