Recurring Broadcasts

How to set up messages to be broadcast at recurring intervals

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Bots are built to automate repetitive processes that save you time so you can be more productive at work. Setting up recurring broadcast messages is a perfect example of this and this is how you set one up.

Go into the Broadcast page of your TBP account. Click 'schedule new post'. Choose the message you wish to broadcast. Choose the group or groups you wish to post to. Choose the Notification Type and then beneath that click Repeat. Your screen should look similar to the one below

Now choose whether the post occurs Daily, Weekly or Monthly

You can choose the frequency of the post and the day of the week or month which you want it to be broadcast on.

Set the date and time you wish it to start from and click schedule post. The recurring message will broadcast at the time same time that you schedule the initial message.

You can also set an end date for your recurring broadcast. Simply choose your ending option then your date from the date picker:

You can edit the message in the broadcast, but the changes must be saved, remember to Push the changes Live.
You will see this orange alert when you go to edit the message.

And this one to remind you to 'Push the changes live'

You are able to set up multiple recurring messages to multiple groups or segments from your bot.

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