How to delete your account on The Bot Platform

How to make sure your own user account is securely deleted

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You can request for your own user account to be disabled and deleted at any time by contacting us via Intercom whilst logged into the platform (click the blue help icon at the bottom right of any page) . If there are bots owned by you then these can be transferred to another user in the same organisation on your request, or they can be disabled at the same time.

If the user whom you wish to disable/delete but has already left your organisation then the TBP account owner should provide written authorisation for that user to be deleted/disabled. In addition, instruction should be provided on whether the bots are to be transferred (and to whom) or they shall be deleted.

Disabling a user will remove their access to the platform but their details will remain under “existing users” but will flag as “disabled”. If “delete” is selected then their name will no longer appear in the list under that organisation shown in the platform.

If you require all data held by us to be deleted then this is carried out automatically once your current contract expires (and not renewed) and within 7 days of the end of contract. Should you wish for this to happen sooner then contact us on Intercom by clicking the blue help icon at the bottom right of the page when logged on to the platform.

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