To be able to follow some of the steps to launch a Bot Platform bot on MS Teams, you will need to ensure you have certain permissions set in the Teams admin centre.

Firstly, you will need an app policy which allows the bot builder (or someone working with the bot builder) to install the third party app 'App Studio'. App studio is a Microsoft tool which allows you to create your own apps for Teams. We use this to create a zip file of all the information needed to create the initial app and hook it up to The Bot Platform. See Microsoft's doc for managing app setup policies here

The same person will also need to have the ability to upload a custom app to your tenant; you can upload the app for everyone on your tenant, for specific teams for just for individuals so you can easily limit access. Once you have created the zip file from App Studio, you then need the ability to upload that as a custom app to your tenant to start using the bot. Read more about how to do this in Microsoft's doc about 'Managing custom app policies and settings in Microsoft Teams'.

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