Step one

Log in to The Bot Platform

If you don’t have a login for The Bot Platform, make sure you contact our consultants

Step two

Connect up your Facebook account

When you first login to your account, you will be asked to connect it to Facebook. We need this to power the bot; it will not post anything to your profile. You should sign in with an account that has admin access to the Facebook page to which you want the bot to be connected. Make sure you keep all the permissions ticked!

Step three

Select your page

We recommend using a trial page to begin with, and then switch it over to a live page when you are ready to launch.

Pick which page you’d like to connect a bot to. If you are just testing it out, we’d recommend you use a dummy facebook page rather than your main one, at least until you are ready to go live.

If there is an error, make sure you are an admin of at least one Facebook page.

Step four

Pick your template

We’ve a wide range of templates based on what we’ve learnt about how people interact with bots and the best way to engage with an audience at scale. Alternatively press skip and start from scratch.

Step five

Get building

To learn some bot building basics just watch this video:

Your bot is now live. Check out guide on how to promote your bot now it’s live.

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