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Measuring Success with The Bot Platform
Measuring Success with The Bot Platform

Key metrics to look at when measuring the success of your bots and digital assistants

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This Help Doc is designed to encourage bot builders and admins to think about how they are measuring success with The Bot Platform.

When it comes to the value that a bot is adding to a user and/or the broader business, success can be measured in a variety of ways - often based on which area of the employee experience the bot is aimed to improve.

For example, the success measures for a New Starter Onboarding bot will look different to those of a Help Desk or Employee Recognition program.

From a top level perspective, there are 3 broad areas to look at when thinking about how to measure success. These areas are…

  • Usage - how many staff are using the bot and how regularly? How easy to use is The Bot Platform for bot builders and admins?

  • Impact - how has the bot helped solve, improve or automate the task(s) it was designed for?

  • Feedback - what has the reaction been from staff and stakeholders?

Example metrics for each area are


  • Bot usage (at launch and ongoing)

  • Adoption among target group of staff

  • Delivery / engagement rate on broadcasts

  • How easy The Bot Platform is to use for builders / admins (+ time/money saved on builds)


  • Processes completed

  • Speed & accuracy of process completed

  • Process improvements (eg. automating manual, time consuming processes)

  • Time / money saved

  • Increases in staff awareness / engagement / participation in key programs

  • Increases in staff usage + engagement of other tools / platforms / systems

  • Improvements in information access and delivery

  • Accessibility and always-on benefits


  • NPS scores from bot users within the bot flow (including ignored messages)

  • Positive feedback from staff / bot users (channel comments, company culture surveys, anecdotal)

  • Management buy in / support / praise

If you are looking at putting together a business case of success plan for one or more of your bots, then make sure to reach out to our CX team who can advise and offer any help where necessary.

If you are looking for success measures around a specific use case or solution, then click here to access our bigger β€œMeasuring Success with The Bot Platform” playbook.

Use cases covered in this playbook include:

  • 🀝 New Starter Onboarding

  • πŸ–₯️ Channel / Tool Onboarding

  • πŸ“’ Company Announcements

  • πŸ™Œ Employee Recognition

  • πŸ’‘ Internal Innovation / Suggestion Boxes

  • ❀️ Employee Benefits

  • πŸŽ“ Training / L&D

  • πŸ€” Help Desk & FAQs

  • πŸ”’ Security & Compliance

  • ⚠️ Incident Reporter

  • πŸ“… Corporate Events

  • 😊 Surveys / Staff Feedback

  • ⚽ Company Culture Campaigns eg. World Cup, Olympics

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