Images can really bring your bot to life... as long as they're the right size. If your files are too big or awkwardly sized, it can make for a slow and ugly user experience. Here are a few top tips to help you when creating visuals for your bot!


An image message part can consist of either a jpg, gif or png. Images must not exceed 1024 ×1024 px or 1 MB.

Carousel Images
A carousel is often used to contain the main topics and top strands of your conversation which we refer to as the Main Menu. A carousel can have a maximum of 10 cards.

Each card has to have an image and a title. We also suggest that it has a subtitle and a button.

The title and the subtitle can have a maximum of 80 characters each.

Each card can have a maximum of 6 buttons.

A carousel image should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and not be more than 420px wide. If your carousel image isn't loading, then resize it so it's smaller than 150KB in size.

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