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How to nudge people on Workplace Chat
How to nudge people on Workplace Chat

Send an automated message to remind your audience to complete a task

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A nudge is a way to remind your audience to complete certain actions - whether it's to complete a survey, provide any details or finish some training. It's built using attributes and broadcasts.

You can watch a video on how to send nudges below, or read text instructions further down.

Step one - build your bot
First things first, create and edit the messages that will make up your bot. 

Step two - add in your attributes
Find the final or outro message of your bot. Add an attribute to this so the bot can note when a person has gone through the entire bot journey successfully. Make sure you choose a clear name for your attribute (so it's easy to reference later on) and keep a note of it (for when you're setting up your broadcast). For this example, I'm going to use {{$quiz-score}}:

Then save the message.

Step three - build your nudge message
Create or find the message that you're going to send as your nudge. It's totally up to you how you want to design your nudge message - it can be a slightly tailored version of your original message, or it can be a bit more noticeable. Make sure that it's clear that you're asking the person to complete a task, and that there's a button that links to the specific part of the bot journey again. in my example, I want to ask anyone who scored under 7/10 on the quiz to give it a go again:

Save the message and push the changes live. 

Step four - schedule your nudge broadcast
Finally, schedule your nudge! Set up your broadcast - choose your nudge message, your intended audience and then click "Target by attribute". 

Once you click target by attribute, you will see a series of drop down menus appear. The first dropdown is where you'll put the attribute you set up in your final message (so in my example, {{$quiz-score}}). I am only targeting those who scored 7 and under so will pick "Less than or equal to" from the second drop down menu, and then type in 7 as the user attribute value:

You can also choose to repeat your broadcast, so people are nudged at certain intervals to completed the quiz until they have reached the desired outcome. As you can see below, I want mine to go out weekly every Monday at 10am, but it's totally up to you to choose the most relevant intervals for your audience.

And that's how you set up a nudge! If you need a bit more help on how to set up broadcasts using attributes, click here.

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