Please note that this feature is for Workplace and Microsoft Teams only.

Drip campaigns are similar to broadcasts, in the sense that they are a good way to alert subscribed users to certain information. 

They differ by being sent out sequentially instead of by a specific time, however. Drip campaigns are a good way of keeping a user constantly alerted. 

Say you had a new employee start your company - you could send the one top tip everyday at the same over the space of three days of them subscribing. 

To do this, I'm going to set up a message to get the user into the drip campaign segment. Here is my message:

And here are the button settings if they click "yes":

In order to get the user into the segment, I choose Segment > opt-in, then create a reply message and a segment called "top three". I then save this message and create my top three tips as individual messages.

You also have to create an End segment for users to move into once they have completed their sequence of messages.
You can do this by going to "Manage Segments" (in the Broadcasting section of the sidebar) and then clicking on "Create a new segment":

I've created a segment called "topthreedone" and clicked "create" to save:

Once all the messages of my drip campaign have been created and the end segment has been created, it's time to set up a drip campaign. You can find Drip Campaign under the Broadcasting section in the left hand bar:

Click create new campaign, which will take you to this page:

On the left you can see a series of drop down lists - I've chosen my three messages in chronological order. 

On the right, I have named my campaign (make sure it's clear!), and have chosen the start segment and end segment based on what I input in the above messages. 

You can also select to exclude users from broadcasts - this is if you are sending out broadcasts to users in the same segments as you have selected for the start and end. This entirely depends on your promotion strategy. 

Select at what intervals you would like your messages to be sent out at - here I have chosen 1 day. Then save your settings. 

From there, any user that click on the button of my intro message will be put into a segment to receive daily top tips over three days! 

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