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What is a beta user?
What is a beta user?

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A beta user is someone who is keen to experiment with and test new functionalities and features and to give constructive feedback on the platform.

They understand that this is an external pilot test of a functionality before it is released to all customers. At the beta stage, the feature/functionality, has already passed through the first-level, internal pilot-tests and glaring defects have been removed so that we feel confident that the feature works and is safe and secure.

It is then released to a select few customers for testing under normal, everyday conditions who 'use the platform in anger' to assess its usability and to identify any final minor bugs and niggles that may still exist. The main purpose is to gather feedback as to how useful a feature is and how easy it is to use.

In exchange for early access to features, we ask that beta users respond to questions about usability and purpose when asked. Additionally, you are aware that features released with a beta flag may not work 100% as expected and we appreciate your patience with such features as they are not always urgent priorities to fix. 

Beta users will find any beta features labelled as such on the platform.

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